With - Seth Kibel
Agus Library, In Person
Time - 10:00 am
End Time - 11:30 am


Klezmer — American Music: Klezmer, which literally means “tool of song” in Yiddish, is the secular folk music of the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe. In the first decades of the 1900s, this music flourished not only in the Old World but also in the New, in the immigrant community of New York City. There, the sounds of the European “fiddler on the roof” mixed with the sounds of early jazz and Tin Pan Alley. The result was a quintessentially American sound. This presentation will trace the history and evolution of this music, from the Old World to the New, up until the present day and the modern klezmer revival. Vintage audio clips and “live” performances from the instructor will make this program as exciting as the music itself. Registration is Required.


$60 For Beth El Congregation Members
$80 For Non-members
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